The Respect of high quality standards is a mission in AML.

AML Quality Dept and Lab. Dept. are keeping under control physical, mechanical and electrical properties of all materials supplied, in respect of ISO Quality Standards.

Material’s control is made during all the several steps of the copper tape processing, using most sophisticated and updated technological systems available).

Product’s traceability is kept according to Quality standards, in order to grant the full respect of this essential aspect.

All the lots supplied are tested in AML and for each lot AML is issuing an Inspection Certificate where declaring really measured properties (compared to required properties) and a Conformity Certificate which confirming the respect of Customers standards.

AML Inspection Certificates and Conformity Statement are directly sent to all our Customers in informatics format, when goods are leaving AML warehouse and joined to a soft copy of shipping documents.

All details and properties of materials supplied from AML SpA are resumed in AML Technical Data Sheet that You can download in our Home-page and full support about this will be provided from AML Sales and Quality resources.

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